Best Pokie Playing Tips

It is always going to be up to you just which pokies you play, and boy are you going to have plenty of them to get stuck into playing!

The thing to remember at all times is that they are completely random, therefore you could experience some long and terrible losing streaks when playing them in absolutely any playing environment, and when that happens you are going to feel very deflated to say the least.

However, most players will, at one time or another, experience session when they appear to do no wrong, and they can keep on spinning in winning combinations, could trigger multiple high paying bonus games, or finally land a huge life changing jackpot too.

With all of the about in mind, the very first pokie playing tip I want to pass onto you, is to always set yourself a limit regarding your bankroll.

Not only should you set aside a certain amount of cash to play slot games with, and actively stick to that budget, but also try to lock in a profit when playing.

By doing so you are always going to be gambling responsibly, and will never experience losing more money that you can afford to lose. Most if not all online and mobile casino sites these days are going to allow you to set things such as a deposit limit and a loss limit too, so always make use of those option settings before you start to play!

Progressive Jackpot Hunting

It you want to win big when playing pokies, then without a shadow of a doubt it should be the games that offer one or more progressive jackpots, for the value of those jackpots are going to be way higher than anything you could in via a base game spin or via a bonus game.

However, the chances of you ever winning such a jackpot will depend on just which pokies you play, for any pokie that offers a jackpot worth millions of dollars, and there are quite a few of them that do, are not going to award those jackpot frequently, so your chances of winnings such a jackpot are very low indeed.

You will have much more fun and a greater chance of winning a progressive when you play a pokie which offers several of them, for the lower valued ones can get won by players every few minutes.

The pokies offering random jackpots are the most played pokies in any playing environment, for with often being no requirement for players to have to play for a set stake amount or put into play the maximum number of pay lines per spin, you can play them for some very low stake levels and still bag a jackpot!

It will also be worth you making a point of finding out how often jackpots do get won on pokie games, and once you discover  the average jackpot amount won, then by playing slots when their jackpots are higher than the average amount awarded, you have a slightly better chance of winning such a jackpot as they are overdue!

Best Pokie Machines to Play

You are often going to be offered a bonus when you initially sign up to some casino sites, and will often find plenty of ongoing offers and deals also available to you too, and whether you claim such bonuses is of course your decision to make.

But be aware that due to the terms and conditions attached to some bonuses that can be used to play pokie machines, you may be faced with high play through requirements and may also face a limit of just how much you can win and cash out when playing off your awarded bonus credits.

So, take a good look through all pokie bonus offers and pay careful attention to all bonus play terms and conditions and any additional bonus play rules too, as some bonuses are fairly generous but some give you very little chance of actually winning.

As for just which pokies I would recommend that you play, it is the return to player payout percentages that you need to discover, for some pokies can be set to return a much higher RTP than other pokies.

The best pokies to play in any playing environment are those that are going to return, over the long term, a payout percentages of at the very least 96%, but with some looking around you are going to find pokies that do offer payout percentages of 97%, 98% and even 99%, and they should be the ones that are right at the top of your list of games to play for sure!

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