Casino and Pokie Game Bonuses and Promotions

It isn’t going to take you very long to find a casino site that is offering you what may just appear like a too good to miss out on bonus offer. All casino sites are very eager to get pokie players to sign up and play at their sites, and the easiest way they can do is to offer huge and very high valued bonuses to their new players.

However, as there are literally thousands upon thousands of online and mobile casino sites at which you can play at these days, that does also mean that you are going to come across an ever growing range of different bonus offers and promotional deals too.

So to help you make sense of just which bonuses and pokie related promotional offers and deals are worth claiming, and which ones are not, I have put together the following guide.

The first thing which I would always advise you to do, long before you do actually register at any casino site, if that site does appear to have a very tempting sign up offer, is to ensure the site is licensed and regulated, will allow you to use New Zealand Dollars as your chosen account currency setting, and is a casinos site with a good reputation.

By checking out all of those thing you are going to have hopefully a hassle free gaming experience, will always be able to deposit in your own home currency, as a New Zealand resident, and being licensed and regulated the actual pokie games that you will be playing will be certified as being fair and random too, which is of course important!

Deposit Match and Reload Bonuses

You can often find yourself magically drawn into making a deposit at casino sites, both mobile casinos and those much newer mobile casino apps that are going to be offering you a huge valued deposit match type of bonus offer.

For slot players can often make use of such bonuses that will see their deposits being doubled, tripled or even quadrupled in value when they make use of 100%, 200% and 300% deposit match bonuses.

However, all that glitters is not gold of course, and whenever you do see any type of deposit match bonus being offered to you the devil is in the detail so to speak regarding what terms and conditions you are going to have to abide by when claiming and then playing off such bonuses.

Therefore, no matter which deposit match bonus you claim, you need to know just which pokies you can play, the stake you can play them for and whether you have any cash out limits in place when claiming such bonuses, and you should also find out how many times you are going to have to play through your bonus credits before you can cash out any winnings too.

Be aware that many casinos will also offer you something known as a Reload bonus, and that is simply the name given to a deposit match bonus that isn’t a new player bonus!

Free Spins and Free Play Pokie Bonuses

No deposit bonuses can and do take many different forms these days, and it would appear that fewer and fewer casinos now tend to offer a simple type of no deposit bonus, those being ones that are awarded to you when you sign up and log into your account.

Those bonuses often were abused by some players, who would sign up multiple times to a casino site and repeatedly claim such bonuses, and that is one of the main reasons not may casino offer them.

However, there are still no deposit bonuses available, but they often come in the form is a set of free slot spins, and as such when you sign up to a casino site offering free slot spins you simply have to play off those free spins and any winning you achieve then get credited to you as either bonus credits or cash credits, with the latter designed free spins bonuses being the best ones to claim by the way!

One hour free play bonuses are also still popular with players, and when you sign up to a casino site offering such an offer you have one hour to play for free, and are tasked with winning a certain amount over and above your free play starting credits amount.

The only downside to such one hour free play bonuses, is that to get the winnings converted into bonus credits you then have to go on to make a small nominal deposit, and will additionally have play through requirements to achieve before you can then cash out any winnings.

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