Different Slot Game Playing Structures

There are plenty of different types of slot machines you can play these days in any type of playing environment however it will often be certain slots that you will be tempted to play time and time again. Today I am going to be taking a look at the different playing structures that you will certainly come across, no matter where you choose to play.

Let me start off by taking a look at the most basic types of slot machines you can play these days, and they are the classic slots and three reel slot games.

When you play a classic slot you are going to find that they will be offering you a simply type of playing structure on which there are just three reels and one single pay line that needs to be activated before you can send those reels spinning.

However, do be aware that such slots whilst often bereft of any bonus games or bonus features do give you the option of wagering more than one coin on the pay line, and often there is an enhanced jackpot when you play the maximum number of coins per spin.

Three reel slots are of course designed with three reels, however they differ from classic slots in as much as there will be more than one pay line you can send into play, but always check the pay tables of such slots for often the more pay lines you activate the bigger the jackpot payouts will become on the higher numbered pay lines!

Optional and Fixed Line Video Slots

Both three reel slots and video slots can offer two main types of playing structures, and they include a fixed line playing structure and also an optional pay line playing structure too.

What you will of course find when playing optional pay line slots is that you always have the option of putting into live play as many or as few of the available pay lines such slots offer into live play on every single spin you play off a you desire.

Fixed pay line slots are a completely different type of beast though, for you are always going to be forced to have to play the maximum number of pay lines on such slots, but will get the ability to select a coin value setting you are comfortable playing for and can often increase the number of coins per line too.

As for the very best way to play such slots, well fixed pay line slots are always going to be much more expensive slot games to play due to the requirement to play all of the available pay lines, but when playing optional pay line slots try and put into live play as many lines as you can afford, reducing the coin value settings if required.

The reason for me saying that is you are then going to always have the maximum chances of spinning a winning combination with all pay lines activated, and will never miss out on a winning combination spinning in on a pay line that you never put into play!

All Pays and All Ways Slots

Another type of slot machine you are bound to come across online are ones that have been designed with an All Pays or an All Way type of playing structure as they are also known.

When playing such slots you will discover that you will have hundreds or even thousands of ways to win in live play per spin you play off, as every possible permutation on pay line is in play on the slot game screen from left to right.

The most common types of All Ways and All Pays slots are those that have 243 ways to win in play, and those slots will have five video reels and three visible reel symbols in view on those five reels.

As long as you spin in at the very least the minimum number of matching reel symbols from reel one onwards anywhere in view on the adjoining reels you are guaranteed of having them covered by one of those ways to win.

One major attraction for slot players however about such slot games is that you are not required to have to wager a coin on each 243 way to win, instead you pay just one set number of coins per spin, which dependent on the slot you have chosen to play could be 25, 30, 50 or even 75 coins, so they are certainly very cost effective slots to play online!

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