Have You Played Fruit Machines Online?

You may be very well versed at playing three reel and classic slot games, video slots and even progressive jackpot awarding slot machines. However, there is another type of slot you will come across that I do feel many of you out there are going to love playing.

Those types of slots are collectively known as Fruit Machines, and they are found mainly in land based venues in the UK, Spain and been France, but the reason why many players love playing them time and time again is that they have been designed to give players the maximum fun and entertainment when being played.

The way in which a fruit machine is certainly going to liven up your slot playing experiences is due to them offering a playing structure and format that is going to see you triggering all manner of base game bonus features and also triggering no end or bonus games too.

Whilst you may have played video slots which offer one or two bonus features and/or bonus games, what you are going to find exciting about many fruit machines, which by the way are now available in very large numbers online, is that they can and often do award dozens of different bonus features and bonus games to players,.

So you will get the maximum of play time and playing value whenever you do set about playing those types of gaming machines in any type of playing environment, read on to find out more about those bonus games and bonus features found on most fruit machines!

Hold and Nudge Features

There are two fruit machine features that you will trigger time and time again when playing fruit machines and they are the hold feature along with the nudge feature.

When you trigger a nudge feature, it will be awarded at the end of a base game spin, and a set number of nudges will be awarded to you and you can use them to move any reels downwards and sometimes upwards too one position at a time.

The aim of that feature is of course to give you a chance of forming a winning combination and with some lucky in playing a very high valued one, or nudging into view or onto the pay line enough of the bonus symbols or numbers that will help you trigger a main bonus game.

The hold feature is awarded to you before any base game spin, when triggered the hold buttons underneath the reels will flash and you can then press any of them to hold any or all of the reels into position for the next spin.

That hold feature can also be awarded to you if the previous spin was a winning one, and as such what you should do in such circumstances is hold all of the reels so that you will then be awarded and paid out the previous winning spins payout an additional time.

If no winning spin was awarded on the previous spin you could hold any two matching reel symbols in the hope that the third one is then spun in.

Board Game Based Bonus Games

The main bonus games often found on fruit machines are board based bonus games, and once triggered you then get to move around the bonus board in the hope you will land on a huge cash paying location or trigger an additional bonus game instead.

The way in which you move around that bonus board is often by spinning a number reel, or rolling a set of animated dice. However, you do have the chance of continually moving around the board to help you amass additional and better paying bonus games or bonus features or increase the possible winning payout you could achieve.

But there is a risk that by doing so you could land on a location that will end the bonus game and cancel out what you have just accumulated by way of cash or bonus games or bonus features, so you need to keep your wits about you when playing off such a bonus game, and never get too greedy.

Land based fruit machines are found in many venues in places such as the UK, however sadly the payout percentages on those types of gaming machines are nowhere near as high as they are on the online versions of those games, and rarely do land based gaming venues offer you bonuses and promotional offers as high in value as an online casino site will!

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