How Fixed Odds Slot Machines Work

You are guaranteed to go on something of a very sharp learning curve when you set about playing slot games online, for no matter at which online or for that matter mobile casino site you choose to make use of, there are going to be hundreds of different slot machines readily available to you.

Whilst there is no doubt in my mind that you will have come across plenty of classic slots before, and you may also enjoy playing three reel slots or even always seem to get stuck into playing bonus game awarding video slots and fruit machines there are plenty of other types of slots you will come across.

Take for example the huge jackpot paying progressive slots, there are lots of different designed ones you can set about playing, and could with some luck in playing bag a life changing jackpot win when doing so.

However, there is another type of slot machine that you may just come across, and they are known as Fixed Odds slot games. Admittedly there are not a huge number of those types of slots available online, however you will often find at the very least one of them when you sign up to a casino site that uses the Playtech range of casino games and/or their gaming platform.

What I am going to be doing below is to give you an overview an insight into the way that Fixed Odds slot games work and have been designed, as you will never have come across such a slot before!

How to Play Fixed Odds Slot Machines

When you do come across one of the Playtech designed Fixed Odds slot games online, you are going to be faced with a basic looking three reel slot game on which there is only ever going to be one single pay line.

However, what is going to be guaranteed of happening on each and every single spin of those three reels, is that one of the pay table listed winning combinations will be spun in.

So you will never see a spin being played off on which one of the pay table listed winning combinations does not get spun in! You may be wondering if each base game spins is going to be a winning one, however on earth can you lose when playing such slots online!

The answer to that question is relatively simple, for what you are tasked with having to do before the click onto the spin button to send the reels spinning is to pick one or more than one of the winning  combinations to place your stake on.

You can of course play around with the coin and stake settings to set them to one you can comfortably afford to play for, and pick out which winning combination you wish to bet on, and if one of them does then spin in you will be paid out as per the pay table listed winning payouts, based on the stake levels you wagered.

If one of the winning combinations spins in that you haven’t placed a bet on, then you will of course have lost on that spin.

Other Unique Types of Online Slot Games

One of the exciting aspects of playing at online casino sites, such as those that do use the Playtech range of casino games, is that you are always going to come across a very unique range of slot machines that you may never have played or even seen before.

In fact, as Playtech is such a large company they do tend to launch plenty of new slots regularly too, so you are always going to find some slots to play that are brand new and come packed with unique bonus games and bonus features.

If you are interested in playing some slot machines and slot games that you have never played before, but that are guaranteed to give you the maximum playing experience, then please do take a look at some of the brand new fruit machines as they are know that many casino sites now have on offer to their players.

The main attraction and draw of fruit machines, is that they award a plethora of unique based game bonus features and can always be slot games that you can rely on to award a huge and very diverse range of different bonus games too. You can of course set about playing them for free and at no risk of cost to see if you like playing them online, so do consider doing just that!

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