Popular Types of Progressive Pokies

You probably are going to be attracted to playing pokies that offer a huge progressive jackpot, for there is never any knowing just when one of those jackpots will be awarded to players, and with a little bit of luck it could be you that wins one of them.

However, there are lots of different types of pokie games that offer progressive jackpots, and to allow you to make sense of which ones may be better suited to your playing style, and your bankroll too, I have put together the following guide.

The most basic type of progressive is one that is won when you simply line up the jackpot symbols on one specific pay line. There will however often be a need for you to play the maximum stake possible on such machines to have any chance what so ever of winning the jackpot.

So for example, if you come across a three reel slot, on which there is one pay line, then check the pay table to see just how many coins need putting into play for the jackpot to be in play on each spin you play off, and only ever play such slots with maximum coins in play, or you could miss out on the jackpot.

Many of the other video pokies will that have multiple pay lines will require you to play every single pay line to have any chance of winning the jackpot, and it is often the highest numbered pay line on which the jackpot paying winning combination can only be spun in on!

Randomly Awarded Jackpots

I think that you are going to enjoy playing slot games on which one or more progressive jackpot can be randomly awarded to you, for when playing those types of slots there is often no need to have to play maximum pay lines or maximum coin spins to have a chance of winning the jackpot!

It could for example be at the end of any base game spin that at random the jackpot is awarded to players, or you may have to play off some form of bonus game to discover which, if any jackpot you have won, if a slot offers more than one of them to players.

Those bonus games do add another dimension to your playing experience, and you could trigger for example a wheel spinning bonus game, and by spinning the bonus wheel you then find out just which jackpot you have won.

Some pokies though will award a pick and win or pick and match bonus game instead, but make no mistake about it, you really are going to find such slot extremely exciting to play, and they are suitable for all slot player’s bankrolls too.

In fact, I have also seen one slot that awarded players with raffle tickets, and each week or month the draw is made to discover who have won the jackpot, and one Playtech slot lets you have the chance of winning a share of another players jackpot too!

Tips for Playing Progressive Pokies

If you do fancy playing these types of pokie machines on which you could win big, then keep in mind that those life changing payouts are rare, and as such you could go your entire life without winning one of them.

However, there are some pokies that offer progressive jackpots that are won frequently, and what I would advise you to do is to look out for the pokies that guarantee to award those jackpots before they reach a certain amount.

By actively hunting around and comparing the values of those jackpots you will often find a pokie that isn’t fat off awarding its jackpot as the amount is not far off the guaranteed hit amount, and if you do find such a pokie you have a much greater chance of winning its jackpot when it is high in value rather than small and no where nears it guaranteed hit amount.

I would also advise you to try and work out just when on average each pokie does award its jackpot, I do have a guide on this very website that will reveal that information to you, so do check it out.

When you know the average payout amount, then you will be best advised to not play a pokie until the jackpot is over that amount, as by doing so it will be overdue and will be much more likely to be won much sooner rather than much later!

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