Responsible Gambling

You can have a lot of fun when playing pokie machines, in any playing environment, however they can be very expensive gaming machines to play, and there is always going to be a very good chance you will lose when playing them.

Therefore please do be aware that you should always set yourself some limits when you are gambling, and always stick to your limits too, for if you lose track of your spending or get way too carried away you could lose a fortune, and spend money that you cannot afford to lose too.

I have put together the following responsible gambling guide to enable you to get an idea of the many tools that you have at your disposal to allow you to gamble responsibly, but also I will be looking at ways you can get instant help and support too, if you feel your gambling has got out of hand.

There is no shame in admitting that you do have a gambling problem, in fact there are some many different support services that you can and will be able to make use of, if you do feel you have no one to turn too, for help and support that is certainly not the case.

If you do however feel you would like to simply cut back on your spending when playing slot machines, then keep in mind you can always choose to play them for free online or on your mobile device, and can also take part in free to enter slot tournaments that won’t cost you a cent to enter and take part in!

Setting Gambling Limits

When you play pokies in either an online or mobile playing environment you do have several different handy tools at your disposal that are going to allow you to set in stone several different limits in regard to any gambling sessions you have.

You should therefore consider in advance just how much you are prepared to deposit into any online casino site, and then set that amount as your deposit limit, but also decide over what period of time you want that deposit limit to be in place for.

That way as soon as you have reached your set deposit limit, you are not then going to be allowed to deposit any more money until the time period you chose has expired.

However, the gambling limit option settings that each of our featured sites have on offer to their customers is also going to allow you to decide just how much you wish to spend on any one single pokie or casino game playing session too, and you can also limit the amount of time you spend gambling online or on a mobile device too via those option settings.

Whilst you may not get the urge to set your own gambling limits when you want to get straight down to playing pokies, it is something that you should get into the habit of doing, to completely negate the chance of you getting carried away.

Help with Gambling Related Problems

There are a growing number of people who do experience gambling problems at different times in their life, and due to their being so many ways of gambling these days it is something that anyone could start to experience.

If you have been concerned about just how much time and/or money you have spent gambling, in any way shape or form and you feel you are in the grip of a gambling problem yourself, please do be aware that there is plenty of help and support at hand to help you give you gambling altogether.

One way that you can do so yourself, is by requesting a self exclusion from every single gambling site or venue then you gamble at, once you do self exclude you will then be banned from ever gambling at those sites and venues ever again.

However, many gamblers cannot self exclude themselves, for all manner of different reasons, one being they have not got the willpower to do so, and if that is something you feel describes yourself then you will be best off chatting with a gambling problem charity or support group.

There are of course plenty of them available 24 hours a day, and by making contact with them you will find they are very supportive and can and will be able to help you give up gambling, and will also look at ways that you can sort out your finances too if they are in dire straits and also they can help you get your life back on track too.