Terms and Conditions

Please do spend as much time as you require looking through this section of the luckyslots.nz website, for below you are going to find all of the terms and conditions associated with using this website, and by you continuing to stay on and make use of this website that will be taken as your agreement to be bound by each of them.

First and foremost though, please do be aware that as this is a gambling orientated website and one that does primarily appeal to slot and pokie machine players, you do need to be over the minimum legal age to gamble in whichever country you are visiting this website from.

Also, each of the casino and pokie and slot machine websites that you will find listed, linked into and showcased throughout this website will have their own rules and regulations as to who is permitted to visit and make use of their sites and casino styled games.

With that in mind please do ensure that if you do decide to visit any of those third party website you read through their respective terms and conditions, and also sure that you read through any additional privacy policies in place on such websites too.

Errors and Omissions

Whilst we do make sure to ensure that all of the articles, guides and information found throughout this website is accurate and up to date from time to time errors and omissions can occur, and we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Please do also be aware that any bonuses and/or promotional offers that you do see listed throughout this website are subject to change at any time, and as such it is your responsibility to check to ensure that they are still available.

We cannot and will not be held responsible for any bonus offers that have changed and it is your responsibility to ensure that you read through any associated terms and conditions if you are thinking about making sue of any such offers.

If you do find any errors or omissions throughout this website please do feel free to bring them to our attention by making contact with us, and we will rectify them as soon as possible.

Setting Your Own Limits

Whilst there is a tiny chance that you could win a life changing jackpot when playing slots and pokies, here is an even greater chance that you will lose, in fact all pokies and slot machines have their own built in house edge.

Therefore long before you do set about playing any type of slots or pokies, please work out just how much you can comfortably afford to lose, as there is a very good chance that you will do so! But also be prepared to stoop playing when you have won and make sure that you cash out your winnings too.

All of our featured and fully licensed and regulated pokie and slot sites both those that you access online or via a mobile device are going to allow you to set your own gambling, loss and deposit limits before you start to play.

Ever slot player will of course have their own slot playing budget in mind, and once you do get used to making use of self imposed gambling limits and loss limits and also get into the habit of cashing out when you are winning you will become  much savvier slot player for sure!

Understanding the Risks of Gambling

If you are in anyway averse to risks then you would probably be best advised never to play slot games or even gamble, as there is always going to be a chance you will lose when doing so.

As a responsible gambling related news and information website operator we need you to be fully aware of the risks you will be taking when playing pokies and slot machines, and as such when doing so you could lose your entire gambling budget.

We cannot be held responsible for any losses you do incur when gambling, and would advise you to seek help and support if you do feel that you have a gambling related problem and one that you cannot resolve and get over on your own.

At the end of the day when playing slot machines you can have hours of fun and could go home a big winner if things do go your own way, but just look at it as a form of entertainment and one that is often going to cost you to partake in it.

Please do ensure that you take a look at our privacy policy that will additionally give you a further insight into how we have designed this website and how when using it we will always respect your right to privacy and have systems in place to allow us to do just that.