Unique Types of Free Spin Bonus Games

Playing video pokies will see you being able to trigger all manner of unique bonus games, however it is of course a set of free spins most players will be very eager to trigger, and there are plenty of unique free spins bonus games you can trigger on different pokie games!

It is however usually via a set of scatter symbols that spin in that such a bonus game will be awarded to you, and three or more of them is often the key to you then getting to play off a set of free spins.

Some pokies trigger their bonus games in different ways though, you could see a set of bonus symbols having to line up on an activated pay line before you get to play off a bonus feature, or those symbols have to land on reels one, three or five or on the first and last reels before that bonus game will be yours to play off.

Therefore, do always take a look at just how such a free spins feature round will be awarded to you on any pokie you set about playing, as that way not only will you know how to trigger that feature, you will also know just how it will play off too.

The most basic free spins bonus game will award you with a set number of spins, and a multiplier will also come into play that will boost the value of any and all winning payouts spun in, the spins will also play off at the same stakes as you have on the triggering spin and the same number of pay lines that you activate on the base game spin will also be in play too.

Increasing Multiplier Values

However, as a pokie player, you are going to get some much more exiting pokie playing sessions when you actively track down the games on which you could win some mega amounts of cash via their bonus features.

With that in mind be on the lookout for slots on which when you do trigger their respective free spins bonus games an increasing multiplier value will then come into play.

By doing so if you for example trigger a set of ten free spins, the multiplier values on the last few spins will be huge, and it is of course during those last few spins you will be hoping to spin in a high valued winning payout which will then be massively boosted in value.

Any pokie that can also re-trigger their bonus games as you are playing them off are certainly going to be worth playing too, for when the day does arrive when the free spins continually re-trigger, you would be in for a massive payout.

Just be aware though, that there are never any guarantees you will win big, or will even win anything at all via a set of free spins, as sometimes the payouts can be tiny, but there is always the chance you could in big of course, which is why such pokies are highly playable and very exciting to play too!

Low and High Variance Pokies

One final thing that every pokie players needs to be aware of is that each pokie is going to have been designed in such a way that it could be a low, medium or high variance game.

When playing a low variance pokie you will often notice the jackpots on offer are low in value, but when playing them you tend to spin in lots of lower valued winning payouts, and as such the free spins bonus games attached and on offer on those games do trigger much more frequently than other pokies.

But you will rarely win some of the mega sized payouts when playing such games, even when their respective bonus games have been trigged any number of times. However, the frequency of the winning payouts and bonus games triggering often give you some much longer pokie playing sessions.

It will be the high variance pokies that will give you the ultimate pokie playing sessions though, but they are very high risk pokies to get stuck into playing, and they can and often do suck the life out of your bankroll!

Therefore if you do ever set about playing a high variance pokie, I would urge caution regarding the stake amounts you play for! Even when playing for some tiny amounts you could win a huge sized payout from either the base game or the free spins bonus games of such slots, and by playing for low stakes you will get more play time form your bankroll too!

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