Unique Types of Slot game Wild Symbols

If there is one reel symbol that can cause confusion with players, it is the Wild symbol, and most slot machines and slot games are going to be offering you one or more of those symbols on their reels and they can offer a range of built in features when they have been spun in.

When slot machines first has wild symbols attached to their reels, the only thing those symbols did was to stand in for any other reel symbol, and as such for example when playing a three reel slot game, if you spun in two matching reel symbols along with a wild symbol then that wild symbol would help you form a three of a kind winning combination.

However, over the years those wild symbols then started to have multipliers attached to them on some slots, and as such whenever a wild symbol did help you complete a winning combination, the value of that payout would be boosted by the value of the multiplier.

Do look out for some of the high variance slot games you can play online, for by doing so you will find that many of them will have wild multiplier symbols that can award some massive payouts when two of those symbols have been spun in alongside any third reel symbol.

The way those high variance slots work is that the first wild multiplier symbols value is multiplied by the second wild symbols multiplier value, so if you have for example x5 multipliers on each wild symbol getting two of them spinning in will boost the winning payout by 25 times its pay table listed value!

Stacked and Expanding Wild Symbols

You will also find some slot machines that will have what are known as stacked or expanding wild symbols attached to their reels.

Stacked wild symbols are simply symbols that have been placed one on top of each other on the reels and as such when playing such a slot that does have them on offer it is possible to spin in a full set of wild symbols on one or more reels.

Obviously what you will be looking to do on any single spin you play off is to spin in those symbols in such a way that they cover every in view reel position on all five reels, as when that happens you will be in line for a huge valued winning payout of course, much more so if they spin in that way when you are playing off a set of free spins on which high valued multipliers are in play too!

Expanding wild symbols are quite unique reel symbols too, for what will happen when you spin in one of those reel symbols is that they will expand upward and/or downwards so that they cover the entire in view reel symbols with wild symbols, so the more of them you do spin in the more winning combinations you will then go on to form!

Random Wild Symbols

One final type of wild symbol that is worth looking out for on any slot machines you do set about playing are known as Random Wild symbols, and they can help you form any number of winning combinations.

Some slots with those types of wild symbols attached to them are going to have a wild symbols that will float or glide around the screen as the reels are spinning, and will then land on one or more reel positions and make them completely wild.

Some slots however will award you with a random number of such wild symbols and they too will suddenly attach themselves to certain reel positions during or after a spin in played off.

Many slot players however much prefer playing slot games that award something known as a wild reels bonus game, those bonus games as their names suggest are randomly awarded to players at the point in time that they click on the spin button to send the reels into live play and spinning.

What will happens one that random wild reels bonus game is awarded to you, is that a random number of reels will be chosen, and will then be covered in nothing but wild symbols.

The slot games that do offer such a bonus feature are often high variance slots, and ones will an All Pays or All Ways play structure and format, and as such if you ever do play such a slot and all five reels are chosen to be covered in wild symbols, the payouts can be enormous!

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